Can You Lend An Ear?

About a year ago, I was interviewed by the Improper Bostonian about using press balls to stimulate points in the ear... it is a handy tool that I use to continue the treatment long after the patient comes to see me. The press balls are tiny stainless steel balls that stick to the ear with a tape-like adhesive. When they are placed on the points, they look like ear jewelry (so they are fashionable as well!), and they can last up to a couple weeks when they eventually fall off on their own or the patient removes them. The patient may stimulate the points whenever they like by gently rubbing or pressing them when they may be feeling stressed, or when they may be feeling pain.

The reason why the acupuncture points in the ear are so helpful is because of the high concentration of nerve endings and blood flow to the ear. A French neuroscientist named Paul Nogier pioneered ear acupuncture, and through various trials, he eventually created a map of the ear corresponding to every body part. To quote one of my textbooks, Acupuncture, A Comprehansive Text:

A large number of sites have been identified on the ear which become spontaneously tender or otherwise react to the presence of disease or injury elsewhere in the body. Stimulation of these ear points in turn exerts certain therapeutic effects on those parts of the body with which they are associated. The range of indications in ear acupuncture is broad, the method is relatively simple, and there are few side effects. For these reasons, ear acupuncture has become increasingly popular in both China and abroad.

So, in a nutshell, if a patient comes in to me for digestive complaints, I may needle the stomach, spleen and large intestine points on the ear, and then send them home with the press balls on the same areas. For fertility, the uterus and hormone points might be used, along with points like shen men which is used for its calming effect. Ear acupuncture is also extremely popular for treatment of addictions such as cigarette smoking and for help with weight loss.

To sum up: press balls on the acupuncture points of the ear is a long-lasting, side-effect free treatment that can really help! I also offer it with no additional charge if you come in to see me for an acupuncture treatment.

Have you had ear acupuncture before? Do you like the press balls? Please leave your comments!

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