Back Pain:​

"I started acupuncture about 4 months ago in response to a very severe back spasm and case of Pneumonia. Both my back and lungs were seriously struggling and I was absolutely sick of taking Rx meds to temporarily mask the pain. On my first visit, I couldn't run at more than a slow jog because of my lung and back pain. Within a month, I was back on my feet and ran the Tough Mudder 11-mile endurance race at Mt. Snow, VT and finished with an average time. True story! I believe that Melissa's acupuncture program had a lot to do with my accelerated recovery. I highly recommend Melissa and Charles River Acupuncture based on her consultative approach, friendliness, and results!" -Erich W. ​​




​​​“Melissa is a very effective yet gentle practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. She is especially great working with women's health issues and I highly recommend her.” -Tricia C.



Shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis:

"After acupuncture I am free from pain and so much happier!  My rotator cuff was healed so quickly, my physical therapist was amazed.  Soon after, the chronic tightness and pain in my shoulders and neck began to subside... pain I'd carried since I was a teenager.  Over time, my plantar fasciitis improved and is now gone.  Just as important, I learned how to eat well, made a real and lasting commitment to exercise, and have made other improvements in my life, bolstered by the support, education, herbs and relief I found with Melissa.  Today I am healthier, calmer, more focused, more relaxed, pain-free and still getting better."  

-Abbie F.  




"After beginning acupuncture and herbs six months ago, I have stopped taking (under my neurologist's recommendation) the anti-seizure medication (Depakote) as well as Imitrex (100 mg.)- which at my worst point consisted of eighteen pills a month- way over the recommended dosage and beyond what the insurance company would pay for.  I still have headaches occasionally, but they are milder and less frequent.  And best of all, I am finally shaking off the symptoms of the powerful medications I had taken for so long.  I find I can now somewhat control the occurrence of headache and associated dizziness, nausea, light sensitivity, augmented sense of smell, etc. through the diet program prescribed during my acupuncture consultations.  During my initial visit to acupuncture, my stomach was definitely gearing up for a third hospital trip for ulcers.  Along with acupuncture, diet and by trying to exercise more, my stomach pain has eased and I have been stomach-pain-free for six months."  -Candice R.  




Weight loss, High Blood Pressure, Back pain:

"I started coming twice a week to see Melissa, taking the herbs as described and following the dietary recommendations.  Results started coming pretty quickly.  I lost about 3 pounds a month for 6 months, losing 20 pounds in all.  My sleep improved, my allergies went away, my blood pressure normalized, and my back pain disappeared almost totally, something I had struggled with for 30 years.  I've been recommending treatment to my friends, for obvious reasons."  -Mark S.